Friday, February 19, 2010

T-ara’s new concept: Evil Seduction

T-ara’s new concept: Evil Seduction
Hi people! If anyone is reading my blog... probably not.  But anyway, seen we moved and I have no WiFi! I am so upset by this. Right now I'm on the school's internet, but their block on it. Can't get on youtube, so there no videos for this post.
I just got into T-ara because of their song bo peep bo peep. You can read about their comeback with a new concept at
Here another link to them too.


updated with videos of them ( They are so HOT!):

MV HD ENG l T-Ara (티아라) - 처음처럼 (Like The Beginning)

T-ara - I Go Crazy Because of You (내 때문에 미쳐) [HD] (Eng.. Subbed)

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