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Study Time 1: Garden Variety

This is to help me in the future. So enjoy, if you find this useful! ps I got a 97% on this. Number 20, I'm not sure on the answer. Also I may not do the questions with diagrams; they will have the ~~~~~ symbols.

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Garden Variety

Biology Review: Adapations in Plants

1. Which is a characteristic of members of the plant kingdom that distinguishes them from members of the animal kingdom?
Use of chlorophyll for solar-energy transformation

2. Which two kingdoms have members that are photosynthetic?
Plantae and Protista

3. Which process occurs in the chloroplasts of plant cells?

4. Which process best shows the conversion of solor energy to chemical energy?
Green plants making their own food

5.  ~~~~~

6. A primary function of a plant root is to --
absorb water and minerals

7. Plant leaves have a waxy covering called a curticle. When some plants are stressed by lack of water, their curticle incresases in thickness. What does this action demonstrate?
structural response to the environment

8. ~~~~~~~

9. Some mesquite trees have deeper roots than amy other plant in the desert. How are deep roots an adaptation for survival in the desert?
Roots can extend great distances to reach water

10. ~~~~~~~~

11. Which of these charateristics might help a plant species survive in an area of limited sunlight?
Large leaves

12. Energy used by producers in a grassland food web is provided by -

13. Some species of kelp anchor themselves to the seafloor. These species have small air sacs, called air bladders, at the base of each leaf. The air bladders raise the top of the kelp to the water's surface. What advantage do air bladders give the kelp?
They allow kelp leaves to receive greater amounts of sunlight

14. ~~~~~~~~~~

15. Which of the following characteristics could help short plants survive in areas with limited sunlight?
Broad leaf surface

16. ~~~~~~~~~

17. ~~~~~~~~~~

18. ~~~~~~~~~

19. Which of the following is an adaptation most likely observed in plants growing along ocean's coast?
Tolerance of saltwater

20. I got this one wrong


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