Friday, February 19, 2010

T-ara’s new concept: Evil Seduction

T-ara’s new concept: Evil Seduction
Hi people! If anyone is reading my blog... probably not.  But anyway, seen we moved and I have no WiFi! I am so upset by this. Right now I'm on the school's internet, but their block on it. Can't get on youtube, so there no videos for this post.
I just got into T-ara because of their song bo peep bo peep. You can read about their comeback with a new concept at
Here another link to them too.


updated with videos of them ( They are so HOT!):

MV HD ENG l T-Ara (티아라) - 처음처럼 (Like The Beginning)

T-ara - I Go Crazy Because of You (내 때문에 미쳐) [HD] (Eng.. Subbed)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shiny Toy Guns + mp3

Just an awesome band to listen to. All the songs I put in this post are some of my fav songs by them; only one missing...Stripped (cover song of Depeche Mode) number one by me. I didn't find a video I like.
Chemistry of a Car Crash (with lyrics)
You're waking up
A part of me i've never known
And i've never felt
So invincible
What took you so far away?

You're lost for tonight again
That's what you wanted?
Your arms to your side again..

Just take away the words i say
Cause i know
That you don't feel the same
Just go and say
What's in your head
And i won't try to stop you

You hold the rights i'll never own
And i've never felt
So alien
Don't tear us apart again

What is the use of it
We're ok :) it's nothing . .
It's all chemistry of a car crash

And i won't try so you'll stay
This time
I won't try
And i won't change
This time i won't try
To stop you

Music video for Rainy Monday.

Shiny Toy Guns - You Are The One - Live on Fearless Music

Now here are some mp3 I promise. I did it so you just have to click on the name of the song you want and download it off ps. no rar files
Le Disko
Chemistry of a Car Cash
Jackie Will Save Me
Rainy Monday
You Are The One
Don't Cry Out
enjoy the songs!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Bloody Valentine

I mention them tata young post early. I just think their music is so soothing. My Bloody Valentine are an alternative rock band formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1983.
Here their song Only Shallow with lyrics.
Like a pillow
She won't care
Anyway (where)

As a pillow
Touch her there
Where she won't dare
Like a (royal)

That you grew
Stronger there
Your troubles
She's not scared

Soft like there's silk
(Is a) pillow

Where she won't dare
Anyway (where)
In the mirror
She's not there
Where she won't care

Performing live: To Here Knows When @ FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '08(Japan)
Here another song by them: Sometimes
I was not originally going to put the lyrics up, but here anyway.
Close my eyes
Feel me now
I don't know how you could not love me now
You will know, with her feet down to the ground
Over there, and I want true love to grow
You can't hide, oh no, from the way I feel

Turn my head
Into sound
I don't know when I lay down on the ground
You will find the (way it) hurts to love
Never cared, and the world turned hearts to love
We will see, oh now, in a day or two
You will wait
See me go
I don't care, where your head turned (I don't know)
You will wait, when I turn my eyes around
Overhead when I hold you next to me
Overhead, to know the way I see

Close my eyes
Feel me now
I don't know, maybe you could not hurt me now
Here alone, when I feel down too
Over there, when I await true love for you
You can hide, oh now, the way I do
You can see, oh now, oh the way I do

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For this post it t.a.t.u., who I fell in love with when I saw there "all the things she said" video. In fact here the video.

Since t.a.t.u is a Russian group the next two videos are in their native language. The next song is new (that's the name of the song new).

Last, but not least here them performing live. t.A.T.u. performing All the things she said and obezyanka nol' @ muz TV awards 2005. Also in this video, they don't start singing past 3 minutes in. I mean the two of them are just standing on a block, not doing anything...and the crowd is just screaming.

I hope you LOVE this group like I do!